Sunday, November 25, 2012

The illusion of bondage

Saraswati the Swan Princess

This painting in a series that Trea is working on, is exploring the different iconic images of the feminine we are exposed to in our lives. 
Layering Fairy tales with religious icons.

In this painting Trea explores:
The fairy tale ‘The Swan princess’, Saraswati the Hindu goddess and a Catholic nun in traditional habit. 
The Swan became the headdress as it reminded her of the “flying nun” and traditional black and white gowns became more ornate and regal. 
Saraswati is the  protector and inspiration to artists and musicians.  In traditional images, saraswati is  transported by a white swan, and Saraswati playing an stringed instrument.
The swan princess a fairy tale, and ballet that Trea was quite taken with as a child, where the woman changes from woman to swan, there are many versions of this tale, where she is either under a spell that can only be broken by true love, or that she is a mythical shape shifter. 
In all the layers of this image, each woman in confined, but in  their own way they are able to express themselves through movement, song and creativity. 
One may come up with many other meanings and insights based on their own life experiences.

24”x 24” Framed
Watercolour and Acrylic on 140lb cold press watercolour paper
Trea Jensen, Eastend, SK

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Karma Veranda said...

I love this! It's so inspiring!