Thursday, July 31, 2014

Eastend Centennial Weekend Celebrations

This weekend Aug 1 -3 2014 will be Eastend SK 100th Birthday!

Friday Aug 1 at the Eastend Rink, registrations will be held, and much activity to experience while you are there!
Art Exhibition  Hosted by A.G.E.S
Artisans Guild of Eastend and Surrounding Areas

I will be one of the featured artists, and I will be singing at 6pm!
Music all evening, food, and libaitons!

This weekend looks like a lot of fun and frivolity will be had!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Usui Reiki instruction in Swift Current

Reiki Level One is being offered  on 
Friday Mar 7 9:30 - 5pm

Please contact me directly, if you have not recieved your Reiki Level attunements from me, I will need to see your certificate from previous Reiki Level.   Thanks so much!

Meditation, Watercolour and the Goddess!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Wine and Cheese tonight

Join Joanne and Myself at Kokopelli's for an artist reception
at Kokopelli's in Swift Current.
1 244 First AVE. N.E.  Swift Current.

Classes and workshops

This year is rapidly coming to a conclusion. I have been given many beautiful life learning experiences  this year.  I have taught and experienced  workshops and instruction of art and energy work.   This coming year I will be offering more classes in many locations

Reiki, Art and Drumming, energy medicine and energy power centres that make up all aspects of us as physical and energy beings.  Awareness of our authentic self.

Art, Music, and energy medicine such as reiki are some of the modalities to break up dense energy that is hindering one from moving forward in life.

Look for new workshops and classes in the near future.

And, remember, wherever you are, there you go!
Beautiful Abundance


The Goddess arrives in Swift Current Saskatchewan

Tonight in Swift Current SK, at Kokopelli's
I will be speaking about the symbolism in my paintings on Friday Oct 11, and on Saturday I will be working on paintings at Joanne's beautiful store Kokopelli's purveyors of neat stuff!

Paintings will be for sale at the store!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Balance of Nature

Marjorie and the Guardians of the Marsh

Marjorie – a dear friend of mine was instrumental in reminding me to be more respectful to the earth - something I had not been so diligent in doing since I was a child.  Asking permission from plants and the animals that inhabit the area before one takes for oneself.
Marjorie is s beautiful older woman who adorns herself with amber and has long silver hair.   I have depicted her as the young vibrant warrior goddess that she shines out from her being
This painting is my tribute to her and all the wild things that maintain and keep our planet clean. Birds, insects, plants etc;   The marsh is important for all of us, and These beings present show us that piece of earth is habitable.
Red Wing Blackbirds inhabit marshes; their presence is a sign that the marsh is healthy (or healthy enough in some cases).  Providing food, shelter, nesting material, and water.  All the necessities one needs to live.   They are fierce protectors of their environment.

This artwork also shows the balance of masculine and feminine.   The male and female redwing blackbird.  Marjorie represents the feminine strength, and the cattails the masculine.  There are other images hidden, ancient script and symbols too.

Trea Jensen, Eastend, SK
Original 30”x40”
Acrylic and watercolour
On Canvas

Canvas treated with absorbent grounds to accept watercolour pigment mixed with acrylic medium to create the wash effect on paper.  After the paint has set, it is then treated with many layers of clear acrylic.

The illusion of bondage

Saraswati the Swan Princess

This painting in a series that Trea is working on, is exploring the different iconic images of the feminine we are exposed to in our lives. 
Layering Fairy tales with religious icons.

In this painting Trea explores:
The fairy tale ‘The Swan princess’, Saraswati the Hindu goddess and a Catholic nun in traditional habit. 
The Swan became the headdress as it reminded her of the “flying nun” and traditional black and white gowns became more ornate and regal. 
Saraswati is the  protector and inspiration to artists and musicians.  In traditional images, saraswati is  transported by a white swan, and Saraswati playing an stringed instrument.
The swan princess a fairy tale, and ballet that Trea was quite taken with as a child, where the woman changes from woman to swan, there are many versions of this tale, where she is either under a spell that can only be broken by true love, or that she is a mythical shape shifter. 
In all the layers of this image, each woman in confined, but in  their own way they are able to express themselves through movement, song and creativity. 
One may come up with many other meanings and insights based on their own life experiences.

24”x 24” Framed
Watercolour and Acrylic on 140lb cold press watercolour paper
Trea Jensen, Eastend, SK

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Usui and Karuna Reiki

2013 Class Schedule
Times and Dates TBA
Usui Reiki
One - Physical level
Two - Mental and emotional level
3a A.R.T(Advanced Reiki Techniques) Spirit level
3b Teacher/intstructor Master Level

Karuna Reiki®
Karuna Practioner 1&2
Karuna Master Level 1&2

for more info please contact me at
petrea at  (to prevent phishing; please replace the at with @)

Trea's Artwork on Website

Please check out this website that features my artwork, other artists, and interesting facts of Eastend, SK.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Heal the Hat

If you are in Medicine Hat November 3 and 4
Check out 'Heal the Hat'  Health Expo